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  • David Stephens

    David Stephens

    Software engineer/DJ/occasional actor and theatre techie. I like politics, computers and musical theatre. Currently a third year BSc Computing Science stude

  • Westley Annis

    Westley Annis

  • roxanne evans

    roxanne evans

  • Stewart Cooper

    Stewart Cooper

    Publishing Co-ordinator, SES Volunteer, Christian

  • Carrie Dunne

    Carrie Dunne

    Animal lover - have cats I rescued, book reader, movie watcher, funny and smart-alecky woman.

  • Rick Rambo

    Rick Rambo

  • Autumn Caudill

    Autumn Caudill

  • Myra Karine

    Myra Karine

    Myra is a software product manager with a black belt in Taekwon-do. She lives in Utah and her condo is stuffed with books, dolls, cat stuff, and a piano.

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